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Skin Care Education & Treatments 

About Us

Located in Midlands of Ireland, in Ballymahon Co. Longford. The Skin Expert is an advanced skincare clinic and training. Offering clients a range of minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures that cover a wide range of cosmetic concerns.


The Skin Expert   NEWS

We are proud to offer you Authentic Irish Lemonbottle Aesthetic Training with worldwide accreditation is a significant accomplishment! 

Here are some key points that this accreditation implies:

  1. Quality Assurance: This academy adheres to high standards of training quality, ensuring that participants receive education and instruction of the highest caliber.

  2. Global Recognition: Our course Accreditation is of a  worldwide accreditation recognized and respected internationally. This can attract participants from various countries seeking top-tier aesthetic education.

  3. Expertise: As accredited world trainers, we will provide you with the best knowledge and experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. Their expertise enhances the credibility and value of the training provided.

  4. Innovation: Being the only provider of Authentic Irish Lemonbottle Aesthetic Training we are at the forefront of innovation in the field, offering cutting-edge techniques and methodologies to participants.

  5. Market Differentiation: Our academy's unique focus on Authentic Irish Lemonbottle Aesthetic Training sets it apart from other training providers, offering a specialized niche that appeals to those seeking distinctive and effective aesthetic solutions.

Most  Popular Treatments 


Mesotherapy is a technique that involves injecting small amounts of various substances into the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm) to treat various conditions such as cellulite, alopecia (hair loss), and skin rejuvenation.

The substances injected can include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, plant extracts, and medications, depending on the specific condition being treated.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

A wonderful product for Fine lines and wrinkles a product that can be used on the entire face.  

Here are some key points about

  1. Non Migrating

  2.  Minimal Bruises

  3.  Safe 

  4. Used on the Forehead, Eyes, Cheeks, Upper Lip, Chin, Neck Rejuvenation 

One area e150

Two areas e170

Three areas e190

Lemon Bottle is a series of fat dissolving injections, marking a significant leap in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. This innovative approach stands in stark contrast to traditional methods like liposuction, offering an effective and less invasive alternative.

Unlike surgical procedures that necessitate extensive recovery time and often carry a higher risk of complications, Lemon Bottle provides a safer and more convenient solution. It is particularly appealing to those seeking targeted fat reduction without the downtime and risks associated with surgery.

The simplicity, effectiveness, and transformative approach of Lemon Bottle make it a standout solution in the field of body contouring. It is no surprise that Lemon Bottle is considered a game-changer in non-surgical fat reduction.

New Carboxy Treatment 

Crystal Carboxy CO2 Gel Mask is a non-invasive CO2 treatment that can revive your skin's natural glow. It features an anti-aging skin correcting technology that infuses the skin cells with CO2, offering an increase of oxygen and other nutrients in the area.

Crystak Carboxy 1_edited.jpg


What our clients say about us

"Sharon has extensive knowledge about the treatments she offers She will only sell you products which she believes in. I would recommend Sharon as you are well looked after and good value and service everytime"

Rosie Hillard-Longford

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