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Need A Lift?

My skin has started to droop and show my age. My friends are getting botox, some of them look great but some of them look pulled and artificial. I want to do something but I am afraid of needles. What is your advise? TIA

The Skin Experts says: As we get older the skin can sag due to lack of collagen production. Injections such as botox and fillers plump the skin to give a noticeably more youthful appearance. Sometimes people can go overboard and that is what gives an artificial look. (which you want to avoid). We use derma fillers that stimulate collagen production as well as plumping up the skin. This gives great natural looking results and lasts longer. There is also the option of non injection advanced skincare treatments such as a Hydrafacial or treatment of peels to restore youthful glowing skin. Hope this Helps!

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